The Scorpion's Tale: Zombie Teenz Evolution

We are Scorpion Masqué, the Montreal-based publisher who brought the world successes like Decrypto and Zombie Kidz Evolution, and once a month we’ll share some news and insights with you here!


In 2018 we released Zombie Kidz Evolution, a quick, dynamic kids’ game that not only possessed an addictive gameplay, but which also had the added element of being a Legacy-style game, offering players sealed envelopes to open as they progressed through the game, allowing the game to evolve.


Well not only did the game itself evolve, the game’s concept evolved too! Now, two years later, Zombie Teenz Evolution has made its appearance. Released in late 2020, this game has exceeded even the highest hopes of lovers of Zombie Kidz. Instead of defending their school, the main characters are now defending the entire town from Zombie hordes, which are popping up out of the sewers and moving around the town! The characters have to battle these hordes and work together to collect crates of ingredients to create the antidote to the zombie plague.

ZK_box+content_EN_WEB (1)ZTE_box+content_EN_PRINT


ZTE_Teenz_03_WEBZTE_Zombies_05_WEBThe mechanisms are reminiscent of Zombie Kidz, but the difficulty level has been kicked up a notch to provide a crunchier challenge for fans of the original, and the famous envelopes…? Well let’s just say that there is almost DOUBLE the content in Zombie Teenz, the surprises are even greater, and the emotions even higher. Without giving too much away, we’ll just pass on the news that we have been contacted by more than one family to tell us that one envelope brought some family members to tears. When was the last time a board game made you cry?!


Oh, and you don’t need to take our word for it… 06_pressreview_EN


So make sure you run to your nearest friendly game store before the zombies overrun it,

and grab yourself a copy!!




Designer: Annie Lobet

MSRP $24.99