(Y)our Friendly Local Retailers’ Shop - CCG House


CCG House is the largest game store located in Vancouver, Washington. They carry a wide collection of board games and gaming supplies. 

Their mission is to bring general fun to Gamers everywhere through both the internet and our store.

IelloWallThey are also part of the IELLO retailer Guild, which means they carry a wide range of our games. Being part of the IELLO Retailer Guild also means they follow all of our informative webinars. Our Guild Retailers are very knowledgeable about our games and will know how to best advise you on your purchases. Logo_Retailer-guild_2021 copy (1)

We asked Anna O’Keefe three questions that we will be asking all of our future featured FLGS! 

What's your favorite IELLO game? Bunny Kingdom. It’s the kind of game that is engaging for experienced gamers, but not difficult for new players. Drafting cards opens the door to multiple strategies to win which means that everyone has a chance. There is a timeline to the end of the game (just 4 rounds), so you can fit multiple games into one night if you want. Plus the board interaction can get crazy – those bunnies multiply fast!

Why do your customers choose your store? People choose us for our knowledge of games and passion for people. With decades of experience in various types of tabletop games, we help find that perfect game for everyone. Our shop has plenty of space for events and gatherings, when allowed, and we have long been a place for people to meet friends, old and new.


What's the one thing you'd like people to know about your store?  We are dedicated to providing an excellent experience for every customer who comes through our doors. Whether they are new to table top, looking for their next game, or wanting to make new friends, we pride ourselves in being a store that focuses on building a community of tabletop players.


Thank you Anna!