(Re)discover our mini-games #1: Welcome to the Dungeon


In this new series of articles, we are inviting you to (re)discover our selection of mini-games.


Diary of a Mini-Gamer: Welcome to the Dungeon


WTTD dragon-1Come if you dare...


- This is it, I’m entering the cave.

- No way.

- Excuse me?

- I don’t believe you. See, Kaalax, your skills as a show-off are undeniable, but when it comes to being brave…

- Eat your words you scoundrel! I’m telling you, I’m going in, and I’m going to slay everything that’s in my way.

- Without your Vorpal Sword?

- Obviously.

- Without your Torch?

- Definitely. Torches are overrated anyways.

- Go on, then, we’ll be watching…


The other day, I realized I didn’t know some of our mini games very well. I know, right? Shame on me! Like most of us, I know Time Bomb Evolution and Schotten Totten, but as for the others, I have to admit I know little about them. Seriously, shame on me! So I randomly picked one from my favorite store, and shouted out to my friends:

- You’ll see, guys. It’s going to be great! You’re about to discover a gem!
- Neat! You got Welcome to the Dungeon, we love it.
- …

Youth, what a pain!


Welcome to the Dungeon is a push-your-luck bluffing game in which 2-4 players take turns bidding, bluffing, teasing and risking their skin. It is the kind of games where as you’re calling the other adventurers wimps, you are actually secretly hoping they’ll be the ones risking their neck, not you.

Basically, you’ll be laying out banana peels for the others to slip on, knowing you might slip on them yourself.


In Welcome to the Dungeon, players become heavily-armed adventurers who attack a dungeon that is filled with creatures each one more vicious than the last


You will start by placing an adventurer and his equipment in front of the dungeon’s entrance. However, no one knows who will end up playing that character this time around.



WTTD gobelin détouréPut your weapons down. Walk away.

Each player will then, in turns, fill the dungeon with monsters. They can choose to draw a monster card or pass. If it’s the latter, they won’t be the one to go into the dungeon. If it’s the former, they can either put the monster card in the dungeon (face down) or place it in front of them (also face down). However, placing the card in front of them means they will have to take one piece of equipment away from the adventurer. Ha!


So, hum… Should I go in now?


Each player proceeds as such until they give in and pass their turn, thinking that the dungeon has become too dangerous for them to go in with what remains of the equipment. You can only guess what’s in the dungeon since all the monster cards are face down.


The last player who hasn’t passed their turn enters the dungeon and has to face the creatures with their starting life force (each character has a different one) and the remaining equipment. Who knows, they might have been able to fool their opponents by placing low-point cards that only they knew they could easily beat?





You win the game if you manage to raid the dungeon twice… or if you’re the last player standing. Indeed, the first time a player fails in the dungeon, they are simply wounded. However, the second time around they will be eliminated from the game.

Winning is either heroic… or for lack of opponents.


I say he’s bluffing. Shall we put it to a vote?


Welcome to the Dungeon is a game high in trickery. The strategy, based on push-your-luck-I-dare-you, is tricky and will drive you furious if/when it backfires and comes back to bite you.


At the end of the day, you’ll think you’re going in for an easy raid, with nice little monsters, and actually realize that your torch has been discarded (even though it’s the card that gets rid of weak monsters). And your only solution will be to pass your turn (but risk offering a cakewalk to your opponents).


In addition, the game having 4 different adventurers each with diverse powers and equipment makes it very replayable and will lead you to play again and again to try out new strategies and combinations.


In a nutshell: Welcome to the Dungeon is THE game to tease your mates, to taunt them (only with the very best of intentions) only to realize when it’s already too late what kind of mess you got yourself into.


Welcome to the dungeon

  • A game by Masato Uesugi
  • Illustrations by Paul Mafayon
  • Compatible with Welcome Back to the Dungeon
  • Age: 10+ - Players: 2 to 4 - Playtime: 30 minutes - $14.99