Troll & Dragon: Words of the designer

Words of a Game Designer, Alexandre Emerit, Troll & Dragon


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Who is he?

I have been designing games since my son was born in 2015. That’s when I took the plunge, without any real reason. His sister was older and I started making the rules of games we already had easier so we could play together. One day, I woke up with an idea and I wanted to see if I’d be able to do something with it. After I took the first step, the next steps came naturally.


When the designer tells us about his game...

The idea came to me after a nap, where I actually never really slept.The first mechanic of the game came from sensations I felt playing certain games during my childhood.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always played games. My grand-mother loved to play games. She’d have us playing all sorts of games, card games (belote, tarot), board games and dice games.

I actually remember a stop-or-more game with three dice, a pencil and a piece of paper. It’s because of this game that I wanted to create a stop-or-more game with a few dice.

The first prototype was actually called The Dragon’s Lair up until very recently. It was changed to Troll & Dragon to be understood internationally.

The theme was a given from the start: the game was about getting as much gold as possible without being caught by the monsters in the cave. The stressful aspect of the dragon dice that the other players roll has for purpose to increase the heartbeats of everyone involved. Once you succeed in getting a big chunk of gold and diamonds right under the Dragon's nose, the game is really satisfying.The rules can be explained in 3 minutes and this game is accessible to children starting from 7 years old. Since all the players play at the same time because of the Dragon dice, the players are involved throughout the game. That really makes it as fun for children as it is for adults (but also just for adults!).


Tric Trac


The Edition in all this…

When it comes to the edition, we reworked the elements of the game to enhance the experience and make it easier to count the score. The pencil and paper have been replaced with diamonds and gold nuggets. A simple and effective idea to avoid calculations while rolling the dice.The hardest part was balancing the different sides of the dice in order to maintain the tension for the players so that it wouldn’t be too hard and the player takes no risk or too easy and the game loses some of its tension and the other players around the table are bored.Tric Trac

I think Troll & Dragon was chosen by LOKI because it’s so accessible to children but at the same time, it’s fun for everyone. Also, the theme enabled us to create a very graphically appealing universe, in terms of materials, too. And finally, there’s no lost cause in this game. If your score is low, all you need a little time in the Dragon’s lair to boost your score quickly!

Creating a game that you’re able to play with your children is a special kind of pleasure.

Games always teach you something. Troll & Dragon teaches risk taking and introduces children to the concept of probability.


The last word?

I’d like to thank the entire LOKI Team for all the work accomplished and especially Aurelie. First, because she makes the designer get really involved in the development of the game and second for the incredible work she did on the design and materials. I never thought the result would be this beautiful. It was an incredible experience for me. I’d also like to thank all of the people who were a part of this adventure (they’ll recognize themselves, otherwise a quick glance at the end of the rulebook will do).Troll&Dragon_MockUp-large-2

Troll & Dragon - Age: 7+ - Players: 2 to 5 - Play time: 20 minutes - $19.99