The Story behind The Mysterious Forest

The Mysterious Forest is a cooperative memory game inspired by Daniel Lieske’s graphic novel, The Wormworld Saga.  Which is why we thought it’d be more than appropriate to pick his brain about the game and how his graphic novel is evolving. 

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IELLO: So Daniel, how did The Mysterious Forest happen? 

figurine-hero (1)Daniel: One day I was contacted by IELLO with the suggestion to combine my work on the "Wormworld Saga" with a game design document that they had sitting on their shelf. I read the game design document and I could directly tell which elements could be fleshed out with "Wormworld Saga" characters and environments and we had a deal. We were able to use a lot of existing visuals from the graphic novel but I also created brand new illustrations for the board game. At some point we decided to have a high quality player figurine in the package and I had a 3D model lying around from an ongoing computer game development. I adapted the model and the figurine was produced from my 3D model. It's still my favorite piece of "Wormworld Saga" merch of all time.



IELLO: How is Jonas doing? 

Daniel: As the "Wormworld Saga" is an ongoing series, Jonas is currently right in the middle of the biggest adventure of his young life. I'm afraid that he's a bit stressed right at the moment because his friend and mentor Raya has just been captured by evil forces and he now is searching for a way to free her. But he'll do fine. He's a tough little guy!


IELLO: You already published 4 Sagas in German, can we find them here in the US in English? 

Daniel: You can always read the "Wormworld Saga" for free on its dedicated website ( but there actually is an English print version in the US. As far as I know, the release of the fourth volume has been delayed due to Corona woes but I hope that it will be released soon.

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IELLO: A fun fact about you? 

Daniel: I'm really excited this year because, on December 25th, the "Wormworld Saga" will celebrate its 10th anniversary. On the one hand I'm thinking "man, already 10 years" but then I look at my first son - who was born two weeks after the release of the first chapter of the "Wormworld Saga" and then I think "Alright, he's still a little guy - 10 years is nothing!".

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More info on the game 👉 here!