The Scorpion's Tale - Master Word

By Matthew Legault (

We are Scorpion Masqué, the Montreal-based publisher who brought the world successes like Decrypto and Zombie Kidz Evolution, and once a month we’ll share some news and insights with you here!


We are super excited that our newest party game, Master Word, will be releasing on October 29th (B&M)!

[Nov 12th online] 



This cooperative, word-based deduction game will have you discussing, deducing, scratching your heads, and laughing out loud as you all work to find the Master Word. In the game, the Guide has to help the Seekers find a secret word (the Master Word!) from a single hint. Every Round, the Seekers write Clues in the hopes of narrowing their search, and the Guide indicates how many are on the right track… but without saying which ones! If the Seekers find the Master Word before the end of the 7th Round, everyone wins! If they don’t manage it, well, better luck next game!


With timed, 90-second rounds, the game never overstays its welcome, and encourages players to play games back-to-back, with everyone getting a chance to be the Guide… a much harder role than you might think! 



We were very happy to be invited to participate in the Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live online event this past weekend. We were in excellent company, and it was a fun experience to be part of. Our contribution to the festivities was a talk given by Christian (our Grand Poobah), in which he drew on his experience as a game designer and publisher to discuss the importance of intent in game design. We hope you find it interesting and inspiring!