The Scorpion's Tale: Decrypto

by Matthew Legault (


We were given an unexpected surprise a couple of weeks ago, when Shut Up and Sit Down revisited Decrypto, a game that they had already done a written review of way back in May of 2018. The reason they decided to commit the time and energy to doing a full video review is because, in their words, “it was a game that we felt like we hadn’t emphasized enough just how much it is a classic that everybody should own.”


Wow! That is certainly high praise, coming from one of the board game industry’s toughest review panels. You can watch their very flattering review here.


decrypto_character_eaves dropIf we look at the numbers alone, Decrypto’s success is undeniable: 

  • 1: Ranking on the Party Game list on BoardGameGeek
  • 225,000: Number of units sold worldwide
  • 40: Number of countries where Decrypto is sold
  • 24: Number of languages Decrypto has been translated into (including Klingon!)

What makes Decrypto so much fun? Why is it such a classic? We believe that it’s because of the intense emotions it generates: Tension (will the other team guess our code?!), Satisfaction (Haha, we fooled the other team!), and Relief (Phew!! Our team correctly guessed our code!) 😎. As the game’s rounds progress, those emotions ramp up to dizzying heights!



In addition to the popularity of the original game, the Laser Drive expansion has added an extra layer of fun: Categories! Now Encryptors have to include at least one hint associated with the round’s category, and if they manage to incorporate the category into all their hints, they get a Laser Token that allows them to guess one of the other team’s Keywords, and propel them towards victory!




Want to win one of 5 copies of Laser Drive to add to your Decrypto base game?

Simply suggest 3 Hints for the words listed on the Code Card (in order!) that are ALL linked to the round’s Category!


send us your answer 


*Contest ends 09/15/2020