The Legend of the Gardens of Babylon



A long time ago, there existed a Queen who ruled over the most arid kingdom in all of the world. Her love for bountiful gardens knew no bounds and few gardeners survived her high expectations. One day, her current gardener, racking his brain to find a way to grow anything in the Queen’s garden, began sobbing out of despair. 

The Queen of Heaven, Ishtar the goddess of fertility, heard the poor man’s sobs and was so moved by them that she decided to help him. She collected each and every one of his tears, transforming them into a surging and inexhaustible water source. 


When the gardener resurfaced from his crying, he was so astonished by the goddess' gift that he pledged to dedicate his life to creating the most beautiful and fertile gardens to honor Ishtar and his beloved Queen.  

Kit yourself out with a watering can, round up your assistants and come up with the most magnificent gardens these lands have ever seen!


In Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon, the King has tasked you with a difficult mission: create wonderful gardens in the middle of the desert to please his Queen. However, even with Ishtar’s gift, you have only a few fountains at your disposal: use them to expand vegetation areas, to bloom magnificent flowerbeds, and to plant majestic trees. There are also 3 different types of fountains. A white Fountain scores more points than a red Fountain, that in turn scores more points than a purple Fountain.

Ishtar_3D_dos_boite (1)

Choose wisely where you put your fountains!  


At your disposal are precious gems to buy trees and plant them in the gardens. You will also have to listen to the knowledge of the masters to take the upper hand over your opponents. You must collect the most victory points to become the Gardener of the King!


Make sure you plant all your trees before you run out of vegetation!  As soon as two piles of Vegetation Tiles are empty, the end of the game is triggered.


Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon has stunning graphics taking place in the imposing North African sand dunes where each player will get to create their very own bountiful oasis.  

ISHTAR_Mockup_EN (2)


Ishtar: Gardens of Babylon:

  • A game by Bruno Cathala
  • Illustrated by Evan Singh
  • 2-4 players
  • 14 years old and up
  • MSRP: $ 49.99



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