The Great (Zoo) Escape

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The city’s zoo is always teeming with people. Children’s excitement is heard throughout the paved paths around the park. And suddenly the big tower at the entrance of the zoo rings 5 o'clock and all of the visitors go home as if a giant serpent was leaving the zoo. The children yawn, the parents sigh and the animals can finally take a breath. 

For Jinx the lynx, Amanda the panda, Alana the llama, Tómas the tortoise and Alpha the elephant, it’s time to prepare for their great escape. They’ve been planning it for months. 

“Today’s the day!” says Tómas the tortoise, “I’ll be the fastest one out of this joint.”

Alana the llama is extremely nervous. So much so, she doesn’t think she can do it. She can’t escape, can she? “How bad would that be,” she thinks to herself. 

Amanda the panda’s enclosure is right next to Alana’s. As she shoves a giant piece of bamboo in her mouth, she catches a glimpse of Alana and she knows. She knows something’s wrong. She chews as fast as a panda can chew and says, “Alana, don’t be nervous! We’re in this together, all the way!”

Alana the llama turns around. She’s smiling. She’s ready!


Are you ready to escape?

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In Zoo Run, work together to help the animals escape the zoo before the Zookeeper comes and shuts the gate! Line up your cards so that they show whole animals to set them free!


The game ends once either there are no more animals in the enclosure or when the Zookeeper enters the enclosure.


But that’s just one possibility! for children 4 years and older, you can play Zoo Run as a cooperative game and put the animal pictures back together to help the five friends escape the zoo. 


Grand Prix


zoorun_course_v3_compoOr, you can play the competitive version of the game, for children 6 years and older. In this version, the animals have escaped from the Zoo and you must cheer them on in the race of the year. Choose an animal to be your favorite and help them cross the finish line! Line up your cards to form animals and pick up Crowns to win!


The first player to pass the finish line wins the game! 


Zoo Run is two games in one! The first, “Free the Animals” is a cooperative game for ages 4 and up. The second, “The Race of the Year” is a competitive game recommended for ages 6 and up. You can play both games, one after the other, or just play one of them. 

So, will you help these 5 adorable animals escape the zoo and race to the finish line?New-MockUp-Zoorun2-2


Zoo Run:

  • A game by Florian Sirieix
  • Illustrated by Davide Tosello 
  • For children 4 years and up
  • MSRP $ 19.99




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