Superfly: Catch’em all...


Does a baby fly go faster than a sleepy fly? Does a romantic fly charge into stuff harder than a turbo fly? Because it’s in love and wants to get back to its lover really fast, right? And what if its lover is a turbo fly, can it catch up with another turbo fly because being in love makes it that much faster? And the hungry flies? Are the hungry flies any fast? Like, really fast because they’re so hungry? Are they so fast you can’t catch up to them? After all, the goal is to catch’em all, right? You want a complete collection of all the flies, the most beautiful collection that will give you the most points. 


Your weapon of choice? A flyswatter. It stands beautifully, nice and proud, made of plastic, but the good kind, you know? The kind that no fly can escape. I mean it, not one!


You want a collection of flies of the same color?  That’s really good. So, you grab all the romantic flies. Pretty red flies that blow fly kisses to the flowers… and to you!

You’re more of a numbers’ guy, huh? Well then you can catch one of every kind: a hungry fly, a pretty queen with its purple dress, a baby, a romantic fly, one sleepy and one turbo fly. There you go! You’ve completed your collection. I like that, one of every kind. That’s nice. 


Or, you want each to have a different number. That’s a colorful collection you got there. Be careful, though, they all have to be a different color, alright? 


I’ve made it seem really easy, haven’t I? Well, it’s not so easy when you know that there’s going to be one less fly than there are players or that if two flyswatters land on the same fly you have to duel each other and that the die inside your weapon will determine the winner but if the score is the same for both then there goes the fly, all squashed. Pfft! Gone forever (well, until the next game)! No one gets it!


Did you manage to have the most beautiful fly collection? Awesome! You get a Fly Catcher token. Get 3 Fly Catcher tokens and you will be anointed Flyswatter Champion!


Superfly is super quick, super fun, and super easy! A fun game with friends, guaranteed to make you laugh, a lot! It works for the little ones so well, they can play on their own. And it works for the older ones too, 15 minutes of swatting flies and you’re back and ready to work on your strategy for a much harder game. It just relaxes you, you know?


Superfly is one of our mascot and favorite corgi, Loki’s games!

To catch flies, Loki jumps and grabs them in his mouth, hop! Y

ou should really see him do it. He’s adorable! But you, you need the flyswatter, trust me. 



MSRP $19.99

Players 3 to 5

Age 6+ 

Playtime 20 min