SOS Dino: The Floor is Lava!

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The Floor is Lava…

SOS Dino is the tale of four baby dinosaurs who grow up together in the big Valley of Fire, a haven for dinosaurs. The four friends meet each other every day to play around the big lake. Do you know what they like to play? The Floor is Lava… Perhaps because near the end of the valley, right before the big mountains far away but not too far, there are four great volcanoes… that could wake up at any time. 

The Floor is Lava, says Marie, jumping on a big rock while Freddy, Louis and Nessie propel themselves, one on an old tree trunk lying down, one goes underwater (only if it counts!) and... Louis, the small yellow stegosaurus just lost…. In the distance, the clouds are massing in the sky and the air begins to feel heavy…. The four volcanoes are waking up! The four small dinosaurs will have to take shelter on the top of the high mountains with as many eggs as they can gather on the way. 


How can we help?

We team up. We work together to make sure the four small dinosaurs get to the four edges of the game board. Beware of pointy rocks and thorny bushes along the Valley. Be careful! The lava is dangerously gaining ground and snakes in and out everywhere. And then there are the meteorites falling… Our four little friends are very afraid. You draw a tile, place it on the game board and carry out the action written on it: move one or two Dinos, draw another tile… When a small Dino is in a space with a nested egg, poof! The egg is saved and goes directly to the top of the mountain!  

 And we keep moving our Dinos towards the mountains… and the lava.. Be careful! Sometimes the pressure of the lava is so great that the volcano explodes…    

As soon as a Dino is on top of a mountain, they are safe from the lava and meteorites until the end of the game. You see? It is easy! Well, actually no, not really. Do you know why? Because the Floor is Lava!!





Designers: Ludovic Maublanc et Theo Riviere 

Illustrator: Mathieu Leyssenne

MSRP: $ 29.99