So what's new in 2021?

So what do we have planned for the first half of 2021? Check out these neat goodies IELLO prepared for you. More fun, addicting mechanics and awesome designs in every box!



Royal Visit: The entire valley is in turmoil! The king is coming to visit! Just think what it would mean to you and your lineage for the king to come to your castle for vacation! Use your wizard’s powers and your fool’s talents for entertainment to attract the king to your humble abode. You’ll surely become a legend in the valley! Reiner Knizia’s new 2-player game is a clever and exciting tug-of-war game where you must take advantage of your character’s resources and natural ability to bring the king to you so your status goes up.

(Release Feb 11th) - MSRP $24.99


catapult feud mock up



Catapult Feud: In this 2-player game, two households, the Chauforts and the Cunningfields, are both alike in dignity, in their fair kingdoms. If only there wasn't that ancient grudge! Build your castle, set up your troops, load your catapults and use your cunning tactics to conquer the floor! Knock down all your opponent's troops to win!

(Spring Release) - MSRP $39.99





Sticky Cthulhu: In this 3-8 player game, Cthulhu has been awakened, and now, it’s time to eat! The Ancient One spreads his tentacles and devours anything he can grab! Sticky Cthulhu takes the fun of Sticky Chameleon in a version more insane than ever! Roll the dice, catch (and eat) the Cultists, and make your opponents go crazy! Electrifying, delirious, slimy: Sticky Cthulhu is insanely hilarious! The fun of Sticky Chameleon with the universe of Cthulhu!

(Spring Release) - MSRP $19.99





Little Factory: In this 2-4 player game, manage your resources to become the best builder! Produce or trade resources to acquire more valuable ones! Erect buildings that make it easier for you to get new resources and victory points.   Buy, produce, trade, resell and build – all that in a deck of cards! Little Factory is an easy-to-learn resource management game, requiring some strategy. The game loses nothing of its charm and basic concept the more you play it. The game was created by the authors of Little Town and takes place in the same universe.

(Spring Release) - MSRP $19.99




For the King (and me): In this 2-4 player game, meet the famous Biblios in a new version, now available with up to 5 players! Help a young king by taking care of his kingdom for him and take advantage of his gullibility. Your goal? To become part of his government later on. The mechanics have been refined and the new theme is a total game-changer. Biblios, one of the biggest names among auction/collection games, returns with everything you already loved and so much more!

(Spring Release) - MSRP $24.99


stay tuned!