Royal Visit: Time to Show Off those Courting Skills

The valley is in tumult: the King is coming! Each and every one rushes to the bakery to purchase the last of the delicate patisserie. Some marzipan, candied fruits and stuffed chocolates to please the King with a warm cup of tea. Indeed, they all know that prestige awaits the family of whom his Majesty and his Court will accept the invitation to visit their magnificent chateau! 

- Two courtiers discuss the news with excitement, in line to get some fresh bread:

- “I’m quite certain that the King will accept our invitation.” 

One of them says. He is wearing velvet royal blue pants along with a giant ruff, whiter than alabaster. He looks ready to impress but also quite ridiculous. 

- “We’ve just renovated the game parlor. It now harbors a royal purple that I have no doubt the King will love. The new table has magnificent flowers carved directly into the wood and it is  encrusted with gemstones!” 

- “That’s cute!” The other one responds, sarcastically. His attire is not much better. He wears a bright red shirt with green velvet pants, but no ruff. He looks like a rose ready to be plucked. 

- “My dearly beloved and I just finished the tea room. It is quite impressive. The walls are adorned with golden framed mirrors and there will be a harpist, violinist and harpsichordist playing for His Majesty the King when he visits my house.” 

He grins, proudly. Another courtier who had been listening in on their conversation, turns around and says,

Royal-Visit-King-Card-DIFFERENT-COLOURS-png- “Well, it sounds like your chateaux are fine but mine is certainly better.” He sticks out his chest in an attempt to look taller than his 5”4 and raises his finger solemnly.  

- “For the King, We have prepared a seven course supper. Among which, we will have 4 roasted partridges, 2 hens, a complete selection of pates, wines made from my very own vineyards, cheese from all over the continent and more pastry than 5 gluttons could eat!”

He stops for a moment. He needs to catch his breath.... “May the best of us gets a visit from the King,” He replies as leaves. 


In Royal Visit, you and your opponent must vie to attract the King to your Chateau. Alas, your detested neighbor also has the exact same idea: they will try anything to entice the King to their abode. Use the powers of the Wizard and Jester to tempt the King to your estate and become a legend in the valley…



Each turn, play a card from your hand to move Characters or use the powers of the Wizard and Jester to influence the position of the King and his Court. You can then move the Crown between the two Duchies, according to the position of each Character. The first player to welcome the King or the Crown into their Chateau immediately wins the game! If the King can’t decide, make sure he ends up in your Duchy at the end of the game to get his final approval! 


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Reiner Knizia’s latest game (Schotten Totten 1 & 2) illustrated By Karl James Mountford,

will be available on 02/11 at your FLGS and online on 02/25!