(Re)discover our Mini Games #6: Schotten Totten


The Diary of a Mini Gamer: Schotten Totten 

To be Scot or not to be...


clan bleu fillette

- Have you ever been to Scotland?
- No, why?
- Because in Scotland we fight for every foot of grass. We go forward one border stone by one border stone…
- ?? Who are you? Macleod? 
- No, I'm from the MacGregor clan, the ones with the blue tartan kilts. And you don’t want to mess with us…
- I’m not really sure I understand what we are doing?
- We are gaining ground, there are 9 border stones that surround the village, mate, 9.
- But it’s raining!
- So what, we’re no chickens, are we? Look this is how you do this, okay?
- Yer aff yer heid!*


You’re Darn Tootin’ 


Schotten Totten is a small duel game to play in pairs. It’s also a great way to make up with someone… We treat ourselves to a tense yet relaxing game… A duel with a lot of quality. 

The goal in Schotten Totten is to take control of your territories right in the middle of Scotland. Now that winter is over and the snow has melted, you want to expand by making your bounds bigger than before, further advancing other clan territories. 

Except, it looks like your neighbors have the same idea as you. You will have to face each other in duels to expand your territory. 

However, there will be no Braveheart-style sword duels or whisky involved, no, no, you will have to use your cards and come up with a strategy. 

You must combine your cards intelligently to beat your opponents and take control of 3 border stones side by side or a total 5 border stones to win the game.


Shootin’ & Tootin’ 


To set up the game you must place 9 border stones at the center of the table between the two players. Each player gets 6 cards and the rest of the deck is the pile. 

Are you ready? The game can begin! Super quick to set up, isn’t it?

But now the hardest part starts too! Every turn, you will have to place a card in front of the border stone you want to acquire. The goal is to successfully get that border stone and have 3 cards which are more powerful than your opponent's.

The game will keep going like this, where you each place a card on the border stones you’re interested in and to draw new ones until a border stone is complete (3 cards on each side of it). In which case, we check which player has the highest score based on his combined cards and give the post to the winner.  

When you win a border stone, it becomes your and your opponent cannot take it from you. 

The game goes on until a player has 3 border stones side to side or controls a total of 5 border stones. You will, of course, have to play intelligently and strategically to reach your goal, but also to prevent your opponent from reaching it too.

Schotten Totten is an easy to set up, accessible, simple game without losing any of its strategic side. A really good game that is well-balanced and will guarantee endless fun… all that for a really affordable price, too! It’s small format and its accessibility make it a must-have for short but sweet games with your significant other or short relaxing breaks in between two more difficult games. Another of our big games in a small box!

As for what should be or shouldn't be worn underneath your kilt…. It would be inappropriate, to say the least, to uncover one of the world’s oldest mysteries. Let’s just say… Ah dinnae ken**. 

Lang may yerlum reek***...












Designer Reiner Knizia

Illustrator Djib

MSRP $14.99


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* You are crazy!

** I don’t know

*** Live long and prosper