(Re)discover our mini-games #5: Tem-Purr-A

Diary of a Mini Gamer: Tem-Purr-A


  • So I looooved Nessos!!! But you know the bull is great and all but I’m more of a cat person, really. 
  • I have exactly what you need, then… especially if you like fish… raw fish…
  • I mean, yeah I do like it. 
  • Really? But do you like to the point of indigestion?
  • Well no, not really. Not to the point of indigestion!
  • So, would you be able to stop yourself before an indigestion? No matter what happens?
  • ??
  • Here, try Tem-Purr-A
  • Tem-Purr-A?
  • Super duper cute cats that came out of Mister Wee Yee Chong’s paintbrush hairs (also known under the pseudonym of Chu Pee Nu) that would melt a little girl’s heart and a big man’s heart. No? Not you? You’re a tough cookie, aren’t you? You prefer Harleys with skulls on them, don’t you? I mean, got to have something for everyone. And.. what if I tell you that in Tem-Purr-A the goal is to make kittens throw up from indigestion? Ahhh! I knew we could find something for you! Alright, get comfortable. Storytime!


This awesome little card game was brought to you by a friend of the French publisher, Kuraki Mura, who already gave us the excellent Happy Pigs. Which really goes to show that this man is without a doubt planning revenge against all domestic animals. Probably from childhood trauma, honestly. 



Sushi or not Sushi…


The game is really easy. In a nutshell, this is a “stop or more” kind of game. 

At the beginning of the game, an indigestion card is mixed with the rest of the deck for the pile. Our mission, to not empty our stomach by way of our mouth (the second part of digestion will not be outlined in this article and may be the subject of an educational, yet fun, sequel 😜). So don’t draw this nasty card! 

The players will start the game with only a few cards in hand. During each turn, you can place a dish card. The dishes are numbered based on their size. A small bite at 2 (a slice of watermelon to be precise) up until the dish of maki/sushi for 7 to stuff your face with class!

Tempurra_CardsPackshotThe next player can place another dish card of the same value or lower OR draw as many cards as the sum of all the dish cards already placed on the table. 

There you have it, that’s pretty much the whole thing. 

Drawing a card right at the beginning of the game isn’t too risky even though tough luck can hit anytime.

If drawing cards exposes us to malevolent puking, it still enables us to have a bunch of cards and play whenever and however we want. 


Because sometimes… 7+7+7+7+7+7+7… 49 cards to draw… It'll be pretty hard to avoid a burp that doesn't end well (if you know what I mean... 😉). 

Which always ends up happening and will most definitely trigger another game. The players can keep their cards from one game to the next. Practical, isn’t it? The player who just projectile vomited everywhere gets to insert a new puke card in the deck. So, our cute little kitten stomach will become that much more sensitive to overeating. 

A mint chocolate candy during the meal? This card enables you, little rascal, to avoid a deathly force feeding incident.

Can I interest you in some more sushi? 👉Here

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