🎁One day, one click (on our website):🎅Santa’s coming early this year!🎁

Starting on Tuesday December 1st, we will hold a contest every week to win some free IELLO games. The first contest prize will be Schotten Totten 2! It was just released and is the much anticipated sequel of our bestseller from Reiner Knizia, Schotten Totten. If you liked the first one, you won’t want to miss out on the sequel. 



Will you get your License to kilt?

The week after that, you’ll get a chance to win Pyramids, a fun tile placement game. 

Next, you’ll get to win Break the Code, a game of deduction and strategy. 

You get it, we are going to spoil you this year!



The week leading to 🎄Christmas🎄, we’ll hold a contest every day

🎁with tons of promos/games/goodies to win🎁 

As a sneak peek, here what we have for you:


We know a lot of you are not on social media which is why we will not be using those for the end of the year of contests and they will all take place through our website!

You’re all one click away from winning!

Enter each contest directly on the website page of the game/monster!


And finally, mark your calendars for the Flash contests! It will happen…. We can tell you that!  But it’s only going to be for one day so keep an eye out. You’ll be able to win some masks (we got some new ones, it’s a surprise), some mugs, goodies and promos!