Monsieur Carrousel: All is fair (and fun) in this game!

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There’s nothing quite like funfairs for children. The sweet smell of candy, the intoxicating rides, the thrill of winning a stuffed animal or raffle tickets, and of course the pleasant weather and the days getting longer. With that in mind, it’s no wonder LOKI came up with the game, Monsieur Carrousel

On that note, it’s time to board the carousel for a memorable ride that will come back to tickle your memory… as well as your luck!

Monsieur Carrousel  is a clever cooperative game, so easy to play and that sneakily borrows a memory game mechanic. This game brings luck and memory games together. There are 3 levels of difficulty and different combinations of the drawings so the novelty of the game remains after a few games. It is a great family game for those who enjoy other popular LOKI classic games like Farmini or Zoo Run.

LOKI is making a name for itself with spectacular components of great quality in their family/children board games. Monsieur Carrousel is undoubtedly the best example of that. 

One of the best parts of Monsieur Carrousel? In the game children have the opportunity to put together a beautiful, wooden, spinning carrousel to use in the game. Children are absolutely fascinated by it. This memory game combines high quality material, a fun goal and takeaway. All of which are incredibly valuable and make this game a great fit for young children. 


In addition, it only takes about 15 minutes to play, sometimes less depending on how quickly you can place kids on the carousel. This amount of time is just right for young children with short attention spans.

Much like SOS Dino, Monsieur Carrousel has an incredible table presence. There are very few games designed for kids that go to this level of production. 


Monsieur Carrousel welcomes you in the heart of the funfair for a cooperative board game in which the players must find a seat on the carousel for each child.

Will they pick the wooden pony, the dolphin or the small plane? 




Designed by Sara Zarian

Illustrated by Apolline Etienne

MSRP $34.99




A little bit of teasing...

Lastly, we have more surprises coming this year!  

LOKI will release just on time for Christmas Carla Caramel...

It borrows Monsieur Carrousel's magical universe, its designer, Sara Zarian and its illustrator, Apolline Etienne. 

It is really hot today and a long line of children stands in front of Carla Carmella small ice cream booth. They all want ice cream! Help Carla Caramel prepare the ice cream for all of the children in line. But be careful, because the warm sun can melt all of your ice cream!

Stay tuned...

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