Kraken Attack - Beware of Totoone...

Travelling the world, and the seven seas...


krakenattack_krakenThey had been travelling the Seven Seas, slaying all obstacles that laid in their way. The ocean was their home. They had just defeated a boat of privateers and were searching for a treasure buried at the bottom of the ocean when suddenly, the boat trembled. A huge wave crashed against the side of the boat and an enormous tentacle raised in the air. Half a dozen more tentacles suddenly burst from the waves to attack the ship. It was the Terrible Kraken Totoone! Quick! All hands on deck! Grab your sabers, pistols, and cannons! Join forces and coordinate your actions to save your ship.


Kraken Attack! is a cooperative game published by LOKI, an adorable dog superhero-themed board game for children. Working as a team, you must chase away the fearsome Kraken Totoone before he sinks your beloved ship. If the players attack the Kraken enough successfully, victory is theirs. However, if the Kraken smashes enough holes in the Ship to sink it, the players lose!


In the game you play as a band of children pirates. Each player chooses one pirate: Astrid, who is really quick and can perform one action twice, Billy, a cannon specialist, Samuel, who can hide from the Kraken and finally, Elena, who happens to be a great shot with her trusty pistol. Your goal is to successfully place 3 attack tokens on the Kraken. 

But be careful! With the set of dice comes a dangerous side, the Eye of the Kraken. Every time you roll an Eye of the Kraken, four of Totoone’s tentacles move one space closer towards one side of the ship. If a tentacle reaches the “saber zone” (closest zone to the ship), it will attack the ship. Lucky for you, if there is a rail, it will only destroy the rail and go back to its space. However, if there is no rail, that’s a hole in your precious ship. After 4 holes, you sink! 

So who will you pick? 

Plunge into the universe of pirates sailing the seven seas with LOKI’s Kraken Attack!. The game’s quality 3D material is fun for children, especially The Terrible Totoone. He is much bigger in real life than in tales we were told as kids! The pirates, on the other hands, are absolutely endearing! They each have a special ability that will help you defeat the fearsome Kraken. 


The rulebook comes in 5 languages including English, Spanish and French.

Kraken Attack! is a tower defense game perfectly suited for kids from 7 and up, a great initiation game!



Kraken Attack:

MSRP $ 34.99

  • A game by Esteban and Antoine Bauza
  • Illustrated by Betowers



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