King of Tokyo: You know who it is… Pandakai!

Who is Pandakai?

Habitat: Ancient Chinese temple

Favorite Food: Bamboo is all shapes and sizes

Fun fact: his mastery of martial arts led him to master the art of smashing!

Can be seen in: King of Tokyo- Power Up


He mastered Wuxi’s finger

All these years of training, cloistered in his temple were not in vain afterall. From super small, super cute panda to ruthless warrior, Pandakai has become the master of martial arts! He knows all of the moves, the attacks: but what he prefers are bamboo hits!

He sleeps in bamboo, eats bamboo, fights with bamboo, thinks bamboo - his life, is bamboo. 

Smashes, yes, but only when it’s fair


Pandakai is ready to confront anyone who gets in his way: all these years of training and lessons on wisdom are dragging on! Which is why he is more than ever determined to take control of Tokyo!

Each King of Tokyo Monster will receive new powers! Before entering the fight, Pandakai ensures everyone gets a unique combo of Evolution cards that will give them new abilities and render their fighting style unique as well!

Alienoid, Meka Dragon, Gigazaur, Space Penguin, Cyber Kitty, The King but also Cyber Bunny and Kraken will each have a new Power-Up card. 




What about our King of New York pals?

If you prefer Manhattan to the Tokyo Tower, no problem! There is also a Power-Up edition of King of New York! Discover Mega Shark







The Never Ending Smash!

With the Power-Up, your fights will never be the same!






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