🎃King of Tokyo🎃: You know who it is... Boogie Woogie

Boogie Woogie 

(no, we did not extract him from that recurring nightmare you had as a child. He does look similar, though…)


boogie woogie 2


Lives: under YOUR bed

Favorite food: humans, especially mean children

Favorite music: any and all eerie music from horror movies

Fun fact: his body is made from old rags and if he gets you and swallows you whole, you will travel through the worst smelling laundry hamper out there. It’s almost identical to sleeping in an old dirty sock! 

Appears in: Halloween Extension



This is 🎃Halloween🎃, This is 🎃Halloween🎃, giant monsters scream in the dead of night !


“One last snack before I get back to the battle!” Boogie Woogie grabs another small human between his linen fingers and brings him to his eye-level. He starts laughing. “I can tell you’ve been bad! The bad ones are my favorite!”


Something hit Boogie Woogie from behind! The surprise causes him to let go of his prey. The tiny and tasty human runs away, squirming. Furious, Boogie Woogie, turns around and yells: 

“You are monstrously getting on my nerves! That was my lunch I just dropped!”

Here comes Boogie Woogie: Let the nightmare begin….👻


Wait, you really thought that nothing could surprise you anymore? Here comes Boogie Woogie, your first nightmare! With his evolution cards, Boogie Woogie will spread chaos and fear around him. His wrath and terror will get you even in your sleep and scare you to death!

Boogie Woogie is not the only one invited to the Halloween Monster Party! He is bringing his nemesis, Pumpkin Jack! Both illustrated by Regis Torres, they have unique evolutions cards to spice things up in your games. 


The monsters put on their best costumes in this Monster Pack for the party. The costume cards are a new type of energy cards that enable you to increase your power. They are placed in front of you like power cards but are not affected by the same cards power cards are!

And you can have an unlimited number of costume cards in front of you… SO YES: your Gigazaur can be a princess zombie tonight... 😎 Cool, huh?

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