King of Tokyo : You Know who it is… Cthulhu


*inserts here a powerful/dramatic Christopher Nolan movie trailer style music*

KOT Cthulhu figure



Lives in: R’lyeh

Favorite Food: Skewers of cultists

Favorite Music: the Rave Party kind

Fun Fact: sleeps a lot 

Appears in: Monster Pack #1 (2017)


A light breeze, as if filling the air with madness, blows on New York and Tokyo! As the monsters begin to distribute their smashes in order to take control of the premises, their mental health suddenly fails them. Emerging from the depth of the abyss and accompanied by the delicate smell of rotten seaweed, it is Cthulhu expressing his annoyance with the monsters’  ruckus. The fighting awoken the monster from his afternoon nap. Death wish or not, the other monsters will wish they hadn’t done that. 

Grab onto your tentacles: let the fighting begin!


“A cultist or two for dessert never hurt!”

Each Monster Pack introduces a new game mechanic compatible with the entire King of Tokyo/King of New York series which enables the players to come up with new strategies ever more mischievous! The R’lyeh resident brought with him his faithful cultists, that all the monsters can snack on whenever they need more life, energy or another roll at the dice. Feeling limp? Grab a quick cultist bite and bam! Smashes here I come! In New York, you can even destroy Cthulhu’s temples to sow some more discord in the Big Apple! That’s what you get when you put a dreamer in the city that never sleeps!

Expanding on the madness 

If you play with the Power Up expansion, Cthulhu can evolve in all kinds of ways. It will be a good opportunity to get your very own monster that looks nothing like your opponents’. For instance, the evolutions will enable you to sow discord among the monsters by making them confuse dream and reality… and loose hearts at the same time! You can even win from the comfort of your R’lyeh home and accumulate victory points, maybe even avoid death itself!



The Cthulhu Monster Pack is thus ideal to discover the tactical richness of the Monster Packs, with their personalizable monster evolution but also the new mechanic it adds to the game, bringing you more entertainment and fun at every game. Kudos to Richard Garfield, am I right?

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