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saint-valentine-s-day-massacre-clip-art-happy-valentines-day-png-98770b8f35f76197ad56aa1de341be7cWe’ve all seen food pairings in our lives; this beverage with this food. This cheese with this cracker. This dinner with this board game. If that’s not a pairing you’re familiar with, let us help you out as you prepare for a weekend with that special someone, something candlelit and with a fantastic board game, or even five or six fantastic board games. If you’re looking for some inspiration for this weekend we hope you can find it in this five-course meal featuring six games.

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Enjoy our Games & Dinner Just for the Two of You!

Barde rougeWe begin with a soup and Schotten Totten! These two great games are relatively simple to pick up and play, and whether you’re pushing boulders or fighting over castle walls, the Schotten Totten games are simple, but at the same time, a little complex. You can pick them up and be playing right away, but there’s a depth to them that you have to give just a little bit of time to discover. We want to pair our Schotten Totten games with a food that seems simple, but has some complexity to it, and of course, we need that food to be Scottish, right?

A “Skink” Soup used to refer to a soup being made with a certain low-quality cut of beef, but when people in Northern Scotland were unable to find even the worst cuts of beef, they turned to a plentiful fish, the haddock. This Cullen Skink, from the town of Cullen, is a stellar cream-based soup that is a perfect way to start your Games & Dinner Just for the Two of You. Pair this soup with Schotten Totten to start out a great meal.

Once that first game and first dish of the evening have been greedily consumed, let’s switch cuisines, and games. Following our soup course, we turn to our appetizer, and of course, with our little plate, we need a Little Town. In Little Town we play our workers to gather resources and build new structures, but at the end of every round we have to feed our citizens, and ultimately, they only eat two things; fish and grains. So, we have to remain true to the feelings of Little Town while we enjoy our appetizer course, a delightful Little Town's style Salmon Cake.

oiseau regarde a droiteFrom our Little Plate & Little Town, we turn to the salad course of this fantastic evening of Games & Dinner  Just for the Two of You. Legendary Forests is an amazing tile-laying game where the two players will play the same tiles, each into their own forest, and the amazing variety in the possible decisions make Legendary Forests a delight to play.

flower_ForestTo honor that variety, we will pair this fantastic game with a Legendary Forests Greens that features a honey mustard vinaigrette and orange slices, so that every little bite goes a long way with this delightful vinaigrette, so be judicious and thoughtful here, the same way that you will be while laying tiles in Legendary Forests.

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Kanagawa is a beautiful game about artwork, as apprentices learn about colors, seasons, and subjects at a prestigious art school. While you’re enjoying drafting cards, gathering painting supplies, and painting a beautiful mural, you can also enjoy this beautiful dish which shows off the varied flavors of Japan, continues our seafood theme, and will look beautiful on the table next to Kanagawa. These delightful Kanagawa Shrimps are sure to be as visually appealing, and as enjoyable, as the game of Kanagawa you’re playing at the same time.


Are you enjoying your meal? casino-game-chess-dice-gambling-ask-vector-407799f0459cb0ca83835d76f21516eb

After a little break from food to finish your game of Kanagawa, it will eventually be time for dessert, and so we’ll wrap up this meal with the newest two-player game from IELLO, and a dessert worthy of the partner who has joined us in a journey of great games and great food.


In Royal Visit two players compete for the favor of their King, attempting to get him to visit their chateau in a quick-paced card game that you can play with only one hand, while you enjoy a fantastic french dessert with your other hand. To cap off this journey of games and food, we’re going to enjoy that most delightful of French delicacy, a Soufflé aux Framboises.

Let’s gather up our ingredients and while the soufflés cook for 18 minutes you can get in a game of Royal Visit, which is brand new this week from IELLO! These luxurious raspberry souffles are the perfect treat to get the King to make a visit to your chateau.


Have a great night!

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