Game Night: Break the Code

Being in charge of game night is always really stressful. Some key things have to happen:

  1. Snacks/dinner must be appropriate (I didn’t sleeve all of my games for no pizza sauce to get on there)
  2. THE GAMES (must I even mention that?)
  3. That’s it, that’s the whole list. Couldn’t come up with anything else. 


Anyways, I visited approximately all the game stores in a 30 mile radius in the past week and I can say with (relative 😎) certainty that I have found the perfect game for game night. 

Did I mention this is my first time hosting game night? 

After rummaging through the shelves of each hobby store, I came across Break the Code. After reading it and bothering the cashier for about 45 minutes, I decided to buy it. 

Full disclosure, yes I did continue to visit the remaining store just in case 😇, but I couldn’t find anything more intriguing than this game. 

Break the Code is a game designed by Ryohei Kurahashi and illustrated by Mélanie Walryck

The goal is very simple, or so it seems… 

Okay, that sounded a little too dramatic. It’s challenging but in a good way! 



In the game, You have to guess the numbers and colors of unknown Cipher tiles. There are 6 Question cards in the middle of the table. On your turn, choose one card and ask a question to your opponents to learn more about the unknown Cipher tiles. You win when you’re the first player to correctly deduce the code to win the game.

The overall consensus was that (well, I was an idiot for never having heard of the game) it’s perfect for a game night because trying to guess the other players code ends up being really fun. It’s challenging because it has a lot of clever aspects but remains very accessible and fast to learn. 

The game ends as soon as one player correctly identifies the central tiles, provided that every player played the same number of turns. All players who correctly guessed the central tiles win. The game also ends if all players provided a wrong answer when trying to identify the central tiles, or if all Question cards have been used. In both cases, there is no winner. If you end the game on a tie… play again! 


Break the code 2-1

Big game, small price, the perfect Holidays' gift!

MSRP $ 16.99