Farmini - Coming to Your Home Based Classrooms!

As the virus has turned the education system upside down, a number of parents have decided to homeschool their children while others now share the responsibility with school teachers. It can be challenging to keep young children interested and focused with little to no experience in teaching. 


This month, we want to outline how LOKI’s children’s board games can become an integral part of children’s education. 

We, at LOKI, believe that games are not only fun. Board Games are an entertaining and painless way to help kids build essential learning skills. In fact, games are one of the best educational tools around. In addition to teaching them about teamwork, patience, and how to win and lose gracefully, board games can actually benefit kids' brains and language development.

While all LOKI games have a number of educational benefits, today let’s take a look at Farmini! It is a drafting and tile placement game for children about constructing the greatest farm. The game has three main objectives and one possible lesson to be learnt from playing the game: 

GoatChickenIts first objective is to encourage creativity. In Farmini children must create their own unique farms by picking one card each round and rotating it to fit onto the cards they already have. Children get the opportunity to make this decision each turn and exercise their creativity and critical thinking abilities constantly throughout the game.

ChickenSecondly, it relates to the real world. Just like in the game, farmers in real life are meticulous in setting up and establishing their farms so they run with maximum efficiency. With this in mind it is easy to draw parallels between what children do in Farmini and what some farmers do in real life.

ChickenLastly, the child leads the construction of their farm. Each turn the child is responsible for selecting and arranging a new addition to their farm. With this in mind each decision and move in Farmini is driven by the child. This can teach children valuable leadership skills.



If parents want to take this further, for children older than 6-7, they can have children play the game and then create a small write up about the farm they built. In the write up, they would talk about what worked for their farm and what they would do differently if they had to try it again. After this children will watch a video on real life farms and be given web resources about farms to compare and contrast what worked for them and what works for real farmers. This makes Farmini perfect in conjunction with Environmental or Agricultural Science classes. For younger children, the activity can be done orally.

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