Fairy Tile: Once upon a time...



It’s the classic fairy tale love story. The princess sneaks out of the castle at night to secretly meet her beloved prince in the forest. Her prince must rescue her from a terrible and evil dragon and they live happily ever after. It’s the same old formula that we all know and love. 

Fairy Tile, by Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert, enables you to create your own fairy tale story.  Each player has a set of hidden cards at the beginning of the game. Each player will have to accomplish the secret mission written on their Page card in order to place it in front of them and then pick the new one on top of the deck. The first player who finishes creating their Book by fulfilling all the missions in their set wins the game!





The Princess, the Knight or the Dragon will accompany each player in fulfilling each mission. They are  gorgeous figurines that bring magic into the world of Fairy Tile. Each figurine is hand-painted and highly-detailed, bringing into 3D the main characters of your story!

All thirty six cards come with a unique illustration of the great Miguel Coimbra, also known for his artwork on other eye-pleasing games such as Mountains of Madness. In Fairy Tile, the design and the theme are inspired by old-fashioned fairy tale books. Miguel Coimbra’s colorful stained glass style, captures the charming feeling that makes traditional fairy tales so popular to all generations, while putting his spin on it. Each design represents the characters in  action, drawn in vivid colors to stimulate imagination, as all fairy tales do!


From quality components to a breath-taking design, the world of Fairy Tile is full of poetry that builds up to a satisfying ending: when the winning player gets to read out-loud their Book to tell the unique story they have created by playing the game! 



The missions on the cards develop the plot points that you add in your Book. For example, to play the Page “All of a sudden, pirates surrounded [the princess], enticed by the ransom they could receive”, your mission is: “The Princess visits the Large River”. To help you create the required landscapes in the Kingdom, you can expand it by adding a Land tile, which are groups of three hexes. Each hex represents a different landscape in the Kingdom: there are Castles, Mountains, Plains, Forests, and a River that has to keep on flowing through the Kingdom. The double-sided Land tiles bring an important replayability value to the game, and allow a variety of missions to be accomplished, such as “The Dragon visits a Castle and can see the Princess or the Knight”.



Each character possesses a unique way to move across the Kingdom. The Princess moves one hex at a time, but she has the ability to teleport between Castles. The Prince always moves two hexes away from his original position, and the Dragon can only fly in straight lines, going from one of the Kingdom’s edges to another. Your goal is to get closer to the conditions required to play your current Page card. However, if you’re not careful enough, your movements might just help your opponents succeed in their endeavors! So pay attention to their movements to guess what their next move might be.



When it is your turn, you have to choose between three possibilities. To develop your story, you can move a figurine or add a Land tile or pass your turn. When you pass your turn, you have to place your current Page card back at the bottom of your set, and pick the card on top, which might give you an easier objective for now, while giving you the time to come back to the Page card you passed later. Passing your turn is also the only way to turn over your Magic token. Once activated, your Magic token allows you to do two actions at your turn, which deactivates the Magic token when you do. While passing your turn may make you lose time to get closer to your requirements, it may also be rewarding later by helping you fulfill a mission by moving two different characters!

Fairy Tile is the perfect amount of intellectually challenging with accessible gameplay. It also has fantastic design and a theme loved by all. Because it requires little strategy, the game appeals to a wide range of people. Find it here!



MSRP $ 31.97

Designed by Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert

Illustrations by Miguel Coimbra