Detective Charlie is coming in October, be ready!

LOGO_DetectiveCharlie_FINAL_EN is coming in October, be ready!



CharlieCharlie Holmes is LOKI’s latest hero! She’s a talented detective who can solve all of Mysteryville’s enigmas (almost...;-) ). It’s an idyllic and beautiful island but it’s also the scene of a fair amount of odd stuff….


Your job is to help Detective Charlie find clues, question witnesses and bring everything back to the police station. But be careful, the offices close at 5 o’clock! Don’t be late because Detective Charlie never misses tea time. Come back quickly with the clues… and the culprit’s name! Then, you can fill out your detective’s notebook and count all your points.



LOKI, our beloved superhero mascot with his red cape, came up with Detective Charlie, his brand new game. It’ll be released in October. Discover this wonderful new universe with a ton of characters each one cuter than the last who all live in Mysteryville. Take the time to get to know all of them!



Super easy rules for super cute stories that will take you on this wonderful journey to an amazing universe.

Keep a lookout for more articles to be posted on our blog! We’re going to publish a bunch more investigations for you to solve and win super cool gifts!


Detective Charlie will be in B & M stores on the 15th of October.

The investigations were created by Les Fees Hilares, the game design comes to us from Theo Riviere and the illustrations from Piper Thibodeau.

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MSRP $22.49 - Players 1 to 5 - Playtime 25’ - Age 7+