Detective Charlie and Griffin Goat’s Peaches


Detective Charlie is the newest Loki board game released in January 2021. It is the brand’s first investigative game for children as young as 7 years old with endearing characters created by Theo Rivière and illustrated by Piper Thibodeau. 

Each investigation was written by Theo Rivière and the Fées Hilares. 



The Plot:

On the island of Mysteryville, Detective Charlie is always busy. There’s always something going on and not one day goes by when her incredible deductive skills aren’t put to the test. 

Last night, a mischievous robber slipped inside the town’s orchard and stole all of the peaches. Griffin Goat was completely shook. 

He came to tell Detective Charlie what happened. 

“When I arrived this morning to water the trees and make sure everything was all right, there wasn’t one peach on any of the trees! What a mess!

Yesterday, they were all here, smooth, ripe and this morning, they were all gone… I was going to sell them to Sam Sloth for his store… Now I’m really upset, I don’t know what I’m going to tell him?”

Help Detective Charlie find the culprit!

To find them, you will have to question the witnesses, find clues and follow the trails that they will lead you on.

Oscar Octopus is in a real hurry. Detective Charlie is able to ask a few questions before he has to run. 


“My restaurant was packed last night! People love our new menu! Our fridges are all empty! I really have to go grocery shopping right now, though. Oh, but I remember Karim Koala dropped by early during the evening because he was missing a few ingredients. It was an eventful night and tonight is gonna be just as busy. I’m sorry I really have to go!”



Gary Gecko is preoccupied. One of his kart’s wheels broke and he has been trying to fix it since yesterday afternoon. He would like for everything to be fixed by tomorrow because Saturdays are important for him. That’s when people go to the beach and they buy a lot of drinks and candy from him. 




Karim Koala, with flour on his face, opens the door to his bakery for the Detective. He told Charlie Holmes about last night: “I am inventing this new recipe for this summer. It will be a seasonal fruit pie with almond cream inside. It’s a lot of work and I was baking out all evening. I didn’t even have a second to go outside. I think I’ve got it, though. I’m very happy with the outcome and I believe the residents of Mysteryville will too! 


Charlie smiles, she knows who stole all the peaches! She’ll back at the police station before 5 p.m. Right on time 🕰️ for tea, because Detective Charlie never misses teatime 🍵. 


What about you, did you also figure out which witness lied? Send us your answer at to get a LOKI surprise.


Detective Charlie comes out January 2021 with 6 investigations! A cooperative and evolving game, easy to learn that children will love! 




Detective Charlie is a game designed by Theo Rivière (SOS Dino, Flyin’ Goblin, Ninja Academy) and illustrated by Piper Thibodeau

MSRP $22.49