Bunny Kingdom is Ready for Take Off!

Have you ever wondered about the government hierarchy which rules over the mountains and forests? What if Rabbit Lords fought over territory all over the world on behalf of their Bunny King? 

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In Bunny Kingdom, players take on the role of Bunny Lords and attempt to take control of as much territory of the New World as possible. Once it has been secured, players will have to build cities, and farm the land to produce much-needed resources. Players' hard work will be rewarded with precious Golden Carrots. They will help determine the worth of each city built and crown the winner!Bunny_kingdom_eclatév4 2In this drafting and placement game, each round takes place in three phases. The game is played over four Rounds. Each Round has three phases (Exploration, Construction, and Harvest) that are played simultaneously by all players. After the fourth Round, Parchment cards are revealed and the final number of Golden Carrots are scored.

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While Bunny Kingdom can be played with 2 to 4 players, its expansion, Bunny Kingdom in the Sky offers players the possibility to add a fifth participant to the game. Along with a fifth player, Bunny Kingdom in the Sky brings on an entertaining spin on the original game. 


unicornIn Bunny Kingdom in the Sky, a mysterious Great Cloud was discovered and it offers the Bunny Kingdom a very attractive opportunity to expand its boundaries further. The Great Cloud is begging to be conquered and the Bunny Lords who pull it off might finally get their hands on the coveted title of “Big Ears”! As trade from Rabbit settlers fanning out across the New World is taking off in the Bunny Kingdom, the conquest of the Great Cloud promises a lump sum of Golden Carrots to those who will take advantage of the situation. 

The expansion comes with the amazing design of Paul Mafayon and the genius game mechanics of Richard Garfield. 


Discover the enchanted illustrations of Bunny Kingdom with an impressive and “airy” makeover!


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Designer Richard Garfield

Illustrations Paul Mafayon

MSRP $51.99

Expansion MSRP $34.99