A coffee & a game... What else!

Do you enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the morning and throughout the day? Yah… we do too… and we like to board games too! Which is why we are partnering with the Out There Coffee Co team. Their coffees are everything that we, at IELLO like and respect, fair trade, delicious and a kind heart. 


We asked  Joshua, the owner of Out There Coffee Co a couple of questions:

IELLO: Can you introduce yourself and talk about your project?

Joshua: My name is Joshua Spitaleri and my love of farming began at an early age living with my missionary parents in farming communities around the world. Recently I graduated with my Master's in International Agricultural Development from Oklahoma State University. My thesis project involved eight weeks of travel through Laos and Thailand, learning from and supporting small-holder coffee farming communities.

We began Out There Coffee Co with the mission to connect coffee drinkers with the communities that produce coffee and to catalyze developing our own communities locally. As such our focus, and central theme, is community. We believe it is this central idea that has the power to shape our world for good and through creating transparency in the coffee chain we can engage coffee drinkers and better support the coffee farmers.

IELLO: What gave you the idea to collaborate with IELLO?

Joshua: IELLO has a similar foundation in the concept of community building. Through shared experiences communities can flourish and with board games, they can have fun doing it.

Also, my kids and I love King of Tokyo...


Get your bundles mini-game paired with a delicious fair trade coffee

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