Three games to start the school year with the family!


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And here we are, the bell has rung and the kids are done with school. Galvanized by this day of friends reuniting, new discoveries, screams and tears, they have so much energy!


Perfect end to this day? Take out some board games! Here are 3 games which are 100% effective in letting off steam and having a whole lot of fun with the family. And that’s how you have a fantastic going back to school week!

“It is forbidden to fight during recess!”

King of Tokyo Dark Edition


In this limited edition of King of Tokyo, the best-seller and must-have, giant monsters, smash each other and destroy the city to exert their undeniable dominance. A great number of strategies await you in this awesome version. It is as fun as it is liable to be a phenomenal success. Destroy, smash, evolve… and get wicked... with one roll of the die.

In two words? Essential & Collector. 

  • A game from Richard Garfield
  • Illustrated by Paul Mafayon
  • For 2-6 monsters
  • 8 years-old and up
  • Smash each other!



“It is forbidden to jump over this wall…”

Flyin’ Goblin

Flyin’ Goblin is a delirious game which blends dexterity and strategy with pure happiness. Aim right to catapult your goblin soldier in the rooms of the castle. Their goal: to collect (steal) as much gold and diamonds as possible to improve your army and unite the necessary conditions of victory: wealth and glory. Flyin’ Goblin is nutty, fun and tactical all in one and happens to be ideal to have a whole lot of laughs together by catapulting unfortunate goblins to their gruesome fate!

Fun, tactical, and catapultesque! 



“It is forbidden to stick your tongue out!”

Sticky Chameleons

Make way and stick your tongue out! Sticky Chameleons is a game of dexterity, highly charged that will enable you to blow off steam in a matter of minutes. To win you must launch your chameleon tongue on the table to be the first to catch the bug indicated on the dice. But be careful not to catch a wasp with your tongue!

Sticky Chameleon is intense, funny and an absolute must-have in terms of family games!

  • A game from Theo Riviere and Cedric Barbe
  • Illustrated by Remy Tornior
  • For 2-6 chameleons
  • 6 years-old and up
  • Stick your tongue out!